The Prepper Gear List for Disaster Survival

Preppers are individuals that take self-reliance and personal responsibility seriously. These people typically believe in preparedness in case of anything, and they take it with much seriousness. The preppers have a belief there are no challenges that are insurmountable as long as one is determined, focused and prepared for it. These people believe that it is better to sacrifice and dedicate now so that in the future, people can meet a certain standard of living in case of a calamity. There are several things that they will require in case of a disaster, and the list is as discussed below. Learn more about  Canadian Prepper,  go here. 

First of all, these people will need food. The foods that will be required here vary regarding survival periods and availability. They will ensure that there is food for emergency and long term use. For instance, they will have planting seeds to cater for tomorrow's needs. Other than food, these people will have personal protective gear in case there is a disaster. Some of the protective gears that they will have include earplugs and fire masks in case of an emergency. Personal hygiene and safety are also vital, and the preppers have to plan for this as well. First aid kit is one of the things that fall under this category and play an important role as well. Oral hygiene and kitty litter are also in this category. Find out for further details on  Canadian Prepper  right here. 
The preppers will always have water as well. Water is an important commodity in the lives of any living thing. Water performs various functions and most importantly needed by the body. Drinking water will always be the number one in the prepper's list. These people will have bottled water and water bottles and buckets for an emergency. They will also ensure that they have something for rainwater in case there is rainfall. Other than these, the preppers will also ensure that they have important tools that may be needed at some point in time.

Some of the important tools that these people will have include heat source to be used at night or on chilly weather. Flashlights will also be required for lighting at night. There are also tools that these people will have like screwdriver, pliers, knives, scissors and blades. Other than these, self-defence is also essential and must be catered for at all costs. Therefore, these people will ensure that they have self-defence tools for security purposes. Take a look at this link   for more information.